Yvonne Okoro’s latest movie, Ghana Must Go, premieres at Silverbird

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Come January 2 and the Silverbird Cinema at Accra Mall will play host to the premier of Yvonne Okoro’s latest movie, Ghana Must Go.

Ghana Must Go, a production of Desamour Company Limited which features Kofi Adjorlolo, Yvonne Okoro, Nkem Owoh and Blossom Chukwujekwu is set in Accra.

It is a romantic comedy about a London-based Ghanaian girl who brings her Nigerian fiance home to introduce him to her parents, resulting in all hell being let lose.

Amma arrives in Accra with her fiance Chucks. She is met at the airport by her brother Kwabena who is stunned to realise that Chuks is Nigerian, a slight but huge detail that Amma has omitted to inform her family, and for good reason too.

On reaching the Kanga family house in Accra, it suddenly dawns on Chuks that Amma is actually from a rather affluent family. Her mother Dolores is an Accra high society lady and her father Alex is a retired senior army officer and wealthy industrialist.

They have all been under the impression that Chuks is American, Australian or Namibian and not Nigerian. When the secret is discovered, it creates havoc in the household, with Alex reaching for his shot gun.

He has deep-seated dislike for Nigerians since Ghanaians were booted out of Nigeria in the Ghana -must -Go exodus of l 983.

To save Chuks’s life, Amma blurts out that she and Chuks secretly got married in London a couple of weeks before.

When Alex eventually calms down, he tells Chuks that he will only grant his blessing on their union if Chuks can persuade Amma to relocate home to Ghana and work in his firm. Chuks agrees to the deal.

However before Chuks can put this plan into action, another brake -failed freight train comes thundering into town, in the shape of his father Ignatius and his extended family who have suddenly arrived en masse in Accra from their village in Eastern Nigeria, accompanied by an entourage of Ghana -Must-Go bags.

The arrival of this brash, rural Igbo clan in the wealthy household of their Ghanaian in-laws for the weekend threaten to tear Amma and Chuks apart, and will prove to be the biggest test of their young marriage so far.

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