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VIDEO: Have you seen the Hoversurf Drone motorcycle?

Scientist and Engineers are making so much effort to let man fly without a hustle. Many experiments have been carried on over the years to see this dream come through. 

But there is hope because a company in the United States has been able to manifest such dream and hopefully, their product will be in the market soon. But what is the name of this product?

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The Hoversurf is a human-carrying drone company founded by Alexander Atamanov. It is a tried and true addition to any futuristic science fiction arsenal. Hoversurf project is a system of transport of the future generation. Expected that Hoversurf will solve the problem in cities with traffic jams and help to save on the construction of infrastructure.

The Hoversurf is a unique electric-powered vessel, bringing speed agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators, according to the company.

A Hoversurf drone bike was unveiled at Gitex 2017, Dubai’s annual consumer computer and electronics trade show. Hoversurf, a Russian based drone company, teamed up with Dubai police to feature their battery-powered Scorpion 3 flying motorcycle.

According to Gulf News, Dubai’s police force has plans to test the flying bike for possible field use.

Since the Hoversurf Scorpion 3 can be used to fly past traffic, it can reach hard to reach places just like any drone. The hover bike can be flown without a pilot, and it can be used to transport payloads.

Hoversurf also created a Cargo drone specifically designed to transport items, but Dubai’s hover bike is still capable of carrying goods to designated locations.

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