Times are hard but never give up – Sam Jonah tells UCC graduates

Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Dr. Sir Sam Esson Jonah, has called on Ghanaian graduates to sharpen their minds and employ out-of-box thinking to provide jobs for themselves and others.

According to the business magnate, it is a well-known fact that the unemployed graduate phenomenon has become part of the country’s social fabric and the earlier graduates changed their thought about employment in the government sector, the better it will be for themselves and the country.

He was speaking at the 5th session of the 48th Congregation of the University of Cape Coast.

Dr. Sam Jonah called on the graduates to gird their loins in the difficult times the country finds itself as government struggles with the available resources to meet the unlimited needs of the populace.

“While schools continue to churn out graduate, the reality is that this unenviable graduate population of the country will in doubt continue to grow. It is a fact that government does not have enough resources to battle the challenges coupled with businesses laying off workers. It seems easy to throw your hands up in despair and give up.

But let me assure you of the words of the famous serial failure, Winston Churchill, ‘never give up’. Don’t throw your hands in despair. Create value for yourself, for your family and for the entire country even in situations of despair,” he said.

Dr. Sam Jonah urged the graduate to activate the light of entrepreneurship, the only available option; instead of looking up to government.

“I wish to reassure you that your passage through the University of Cape Coast has equipped you to face the many challenges that lie ahead.  While a number of you maybe already gainfully employed, the truth is that many of you may not necessarily find it easy to find ready employment opportunities waiting for you.It is indeed during this time that the entrepreneurial spirit imbibed in you by this University would be needed in even greater measure as you face the challenges you will be meeting out there.”

The UCC Chancellor also lauded the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ of the University of Cape Coast. “I have taken keen notice of the diverse breakthroughs and innovations the University is pursuing in order to generate income internally. I have seen a Fuel station, a water bottling plant, a paper conversion plant, a detergent manufacturing plant and others. These are very commendable feats that ought to be emulated by all institutions”

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Domwine Dabire Kuupole entreated the graduates to make the University proud with unbridled achievements in the world of work.

In all 1915 graduands were awarded with their respective higher degrees. This includes Doctor of Philosophy, 31, Master of Philosophy, 224, Master of commerce, 22 and Master of Nursing, 7.

The rest are Master of business administration, 71, Master of Education, 568, Master of Arts, 554, Master of Science, 178, post Graduate Diploma in education, 218 and Post Graduate Certificate in Education, 42.

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