The Ghanaian drawback is a personality drawback [Article]

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When requested what could also be the best explanation why in the back of our superb retrogression as a other folks, a piece folks would possibly characteristic it to a few demons someplace taking into account how religious we’re.

Much more would possibly blame it on loss of sources whilst others would possibly declare that this is a headache of dangerous management.

Give other folks one of the crucial best possible leaders that experience ever lived. If they aren’t able to modify their perspective to fit that chief’s visions, they’re going nowhere. Give

other folks the entire freedom they will ever want. If they aren’t able to show over a brand new leaf, their dangerous perspective might be their slave grasp. The Ghanaian drawback is solely an issue of persona!

You’ll be able to’t have an American dream with a Ghanaian perspective. You’ll be able to’t want a country the place the rules and methods paintings when the folk therein aren’t keen to make the rules paintings.

You’ll be able to’t dream of a corruption-free state when the average Ghanaian condemns corruption once they want energy but apply it once they get energy. You’ll be able to’t have your cake and consume it, too!

The Ghanaian headache all boils all the way down to an issue of perspective― dangerous perspective. Our development has been retarded for a majority of these years now not as a result of we aren’t professional sufficient however as a result of we don’t have sufficient just right persona. A country is constructed now not simplest with talents however persona, too.

Abilities with out persona transform a crisis. When a talented guy who has no regard for human lives reaches the highest, he turns into a danger to all the ones underneath him.

He makes use of them to his merit. He exploits other folks and abuses energy. He apportions alternatives consistent with his favourites and now not essentially those that deserve such. A country filled with professional other folks with out persona is a crisis ready to occur!

The roots of all our drawback as a other folks… is persona. This country goes nowhere if the people who find themselves dominated lack as a lot persona as the ones doing the ruling.

If other folks say they would like a metamorphosis in management, the multi-million buck query they will have to be requested is whether or not they’re going to exchange their perspective as a result of, with out it, no chief can ever get any place.

Once we depart our damaged down cars at the shoulders of a hectic highway for different blameless drivers to run into, it’s not a question of dangerous management however dangerous perspective.

Once we force recklessly and kill ourselves and lots of others, the purpose isn’t some demons someplace however a sheer show of our indiscipline all over.

Floods kill us each and every wet season. It has nearly come to stick that each and every wet season will have to be a funeral season. So long as we stay choking our gutters and indiscriminately clutter about, there’s no approach our towns might be flood-free. Till we discern that the issue is a personality drawback, we can stay going backward and forward in our struggle in opposition to floods!

Our younger ladies were abducted for months. An entire CID boss is so comfortable about those lives at stake, to the level of mendacity about being discovered.

The uncomfortable query we will have to ask is, “How did such an incompetent particular person get to be the boss so temporarily and what number of of her type are occupying a number of delicate positions in other places?” Once we put politics forward of competence, that is how some distance we will get as a result of… our drawback has all the time been a personality drawback.

Politics and not using a sense of humanity is a criminal offense. Politics is meant to be an answer however to the Ghanaian, it has sadly transform a puzzle we want to clear up.

It has transform a den of other folks with simplest little persona. We faux to struggle galamsey in public but approve of it in secret. When the perpetrator is every other Ghanaian, the regulation works. When the perpetrator is Chinese language, bribery works. Our drawback is a personality drawback; a personality of double requirements!

If to us politics manner protecting unsuitable even on the peril of lives, then we’re certainly criminals.

Now we have misplaced worth for lives. Certainly, we have now misplaced worth for our values. We educate our kids to chop corners through purchasing their approach thru existence.

As of once they would have reached the highest, corruption would were their language. Greed and selfishness would were their center names. We overlook that coaching other folks to construct just right persona is as essential as coaching them to construct nice talents. Talent develops a country however sooner than and after that construction, you wish to have electorate of fine persona.

Honesty is a unprecedented commodity within the Ghanaian marketplace. Every folks is on an journey to outsmart others. Even if the costs of products are decreased, we nonetheless overprice them. Our selfishness clouds our ideas each and every passing day. Our wanton want for earnings even makes us promote expired items to our fellow Ghanaians.

We repackage spoilt items and nonetheless promote them to others as a result of we don’t have any sense of humanity. And… this is the place the issue is― a personality drawback!

If this country ever desires to be set on a trail of serious construction, we ought to understand that all of it starts with growing the nature of the average Ghanaian; a Ghanaian with integrity.

The root of each and every nice country is a brilliant persona; nice self-discipline. The place there’s indiscipline, there’s anarchy. The place other folks set rules they’re exempted from, sooner or later, the ones rules transform as unnecessary as those that made them.

The typical Ghanaian will have to be consciously certain through an honour code. A person of honour is not going to take cash that doesn’t belong to them even supposing no person is looking at.

A person who’s guided through just right sense of right and wrong will dangle directly to their waste till they arrive around the subsequent bin. Males of honour don’t give in to anyone… without reference to who’s concerned. And… those are the individuals who might be a approach to all our issues!

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