The Classic Fall Wardrobe: 8 Items to Buy and Wear Forever


We’d be straight up lying if we said we weren’t giddy to test out the new fall trends currently making wakes in the fashion universe. After all, we chat about the fresh looks on the daily over here. That said, the autumn season is also about the classic staples. You know, those mainstays that essentially withstand the test of time and more or less act as the foundation to accommodate some of the newer, more experimental trends out there.

While you may already have a healthy offering of these timeless essentials, we thought we’d do a quick rundown on the key staples that are an absolute must in anyone’s wardrobe. Because really, it’s these pieces that will ultimately build that classic fall wardrobe—aka one that will be forever in style. Ahead, we’re bringing you the eight basic fall must-haves (complete with a little bit of visual inspiration) everyone needs. Naturally, we shopped out the most forward iterations of the items in question as well.

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