Telcos music downloading platforms are illegal – Kojo Antwi


The Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), has said that very soon the organisation will face out all Telcos in the business of music digital downloads.

Kojo Antwi was reacting to concerns made by music right owners in Kumasi on Tuesday February 23, 2016, at a one-day seminar for music right owners and users in and around the Ashanti Region attended by over 300 right owners.

Kojo Antwi intimated that GHAMRO shall soon implement the digital business platform of music downloads to enable the organisation control and monitor revenue generated by the downloads so as to be accountable to the music right owners.

He said, currently the situation in practice where agents are licensed by Telcos is not only inappropriate but illegal since GHAMRO is the only organization mandated under the copyright law to license anybody or organization to use the music commercially.

Kojo Antwi stressed that the Telcos and their respective agents who source for the music content and act as middlemen, take the majority of the money, leaving only a meagre amount for the right owners.

He said if GHAMRO owns the music downloading platform, any person who wants to do the business of music downloads will have to come to GHAMRO and finalise the deal.

Chief Executive Officer of GHAMRO, Abraham Adjetey, during his speech on the proposed digital platform, said, 27 music downloading platforms have been identified so far.

Adjetey said, in the interim, GHAMRO will license these platforms till modalities for the GHAMRO owned music downloading business platform is ready.

Mr. Jonathan Cudjoe, General Manager and also Director in-charge of Licensing and Legal Affairs at GHAMRO, disclosed that a proposed constitutional amendment that will align GHAMRO with other international Collective Management Organizations (C.M.O) worldwide.

Cudjoe said the proposed constitutional amendment will be put before the right owners for adoption during the Annual General Meeting in April this year.

The next seminar will be held in the Greater Accra Region and right owners in the Volta and Eastern Regions will be conveyed to Accra to participate.