TeePhlow Explains Why He Failed to Perform at the 2018 TV3 Cape Afahye Jam

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Cape Coast Fante Rapper TeePhlow has lashed out at event organizers who never liaise with his management before adding his name or image to an event.

Responding to a question posed by Amansan Krakye via Radio Central on why he doesn’t appear at certain events, TeePhlow said

“Some of the event organizers don’t consult with my management for the necessary things to be done. They attach my brand to certain events but they want it free, so unknowingly if I don’t turn up at such events then they create the impression amongst my fan base that I disappointed them”.

He said henceforth he has decided to take legal action going forward for he has paid his dues in the Cape Coast Music Industry.

” Those days we use to play free shows at London Bridge and Oasis Beach etc but now am under a record label which does things in a professional way and man must survive”.

“So if you think TeePhlow would charge too much so let me ignore him and use his name to sell tickets and swindle people under the pretence that I would be on that event then that’s criminal which must face prosecution”.

On the reason why he didn’t feature at the Cape Coast TV3 Afahye Jam at Chapel Square, he said

” I think the event organizers were not ready to meet the demands of my management”.

He went on to express his discontent about information he gathered that his name was being mentioned continually by MCs at the TV3 Afahye Jam whilst they know certainly he’s not part of the artistes on the bill.

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