Some church leaders and sisters are judgemental – Gifty Osei

Gifty osei has admonished Christian brothers, sisters and spiritual leaders to stop being judgmental.

“Most church leaders are too judgmental and it is because church members do not have a life of their own. They prefer talking to humans than the God who created them.

“The thing is that, the person you are talking to is just as human as you are and most of the time, you realize that these same pastors that you confide in turn to use your story against you,” she said during one of her Facebook live sessions.

Gifty Osei is known for energy, zeal and high sense of fashion on stage are some of the elements her fans look out for whenever she hits the stage.

She is currently working on another edition of her yearly gospel concert and also running for the position of a treasurer in the Greater Accra chapter of MUSIGA.

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