REAL HUSTLE – The ‘Made In Taadi’ Movie To Hit Your Screens This December

The movie, “Real Hustle” is set in a rough neighborhood where the youth have the mindset that its only when you travel overseas that you can make it in life. Obo and Bodo are two friends with such mindsets. They take no trade or business serious rather than to hustle at the Takoradi Harbour with the aim of stowing away on a cargo ship to Europe to fulfill their dreams.

Along comes Franco, a handsome looking gentleman who uses his looks to defraud and dupe people for his survival. The resulting drama when the two parties met was intriguing. The movie is full of excitement, comedy and real life lessons.

Real Hustle was produced by Positive Influence Productions and was directed by Prince Dugbartey. Real Hustle will be premiered at Vienna City Beach in Takoradi for the first time on 19th of December, 2015 at 7pm. It is a must watch movie and no “Oilcity Citizen” should miss this.

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