Proposed new Ghana Map with additional regions for 2019 leaked

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Oilcitytoday has intercepted a Photo of a proposed new Ghana map slated for 2019 with additions to the already ten (10) regions. An additional six (6) regions which had been speculated is believed to be added to it to make a total of sixteen (16) regions.

A referendum which is believed to be held to vote on the proposal to add the six regions to the existing 10 regions. The six proposed regions are Oti, Bono East, Western North, Ahafo, Savannah and North East.

The new regions will be deemed to be created when at least 50 per cent of the persons entitled to vote do so in each of the different referenda, and of the votes cast, at least 80 per cent are in favour of the creation of a region.

The Electoral Commission (EC) will hold a referendum on Thursday, December 27, 2018, to determine the creation of the proposed new regions as recommended by the Brobbey Commission of Inquiry.

The Constitution requires that 50% of all eligible voters turn out to vote on the day with YES votes, constituting 80% of votes cast, and therefore appealed to residents to ensure relations who have travelled are encouraged to return for the historic vote.

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