My wife and I were under pressure to get a child – Adjetey Anang

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Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang, popularly referred to as ‘Pusher’, has revealed that seven years of marriage without a child wasn’t ‘very easy’ as he highlighted some of the difficult experi­ences he encountered during those seven years.

Adjetey Anang and his wife Elorm Anang tied the knot over seven years ago but failed to produce their first child during the first seven years, prompting some calls for the famed actor to ‘move on’ as he put it.

Pusher, who made his maiden appearance in the most watched satiri­cal talk show in Ghana, Tonight with Nii Kpakpo Thompson last Friday on Viasat 1, also revealed that there was so much pressure on him to produce a baby during those long seven years, especially from places he never expected such pressure.

Asked by host Nii Kpakpo Thomp­son how he managed the expectations of having his first child and the pressure from society, Pusher responded: “There was such an experience (pressure), even from places that you can’t even think of imagining.

Adjetey Annan and baby

A doting dad

“A man came to me at church and had this bottle and said it was from an old lady in Togo. Once you sprinkle it in water for your wife.. .but you shouldn’t tell your wife.

“So there was so much pressure. People would say well you are not bound to have kids with her so why don’t you move on and I’m like ‘wow, that hasn’t even crossed my mind before’…and to have things like that from people whom 1 respect and others, wow, it wasn’t easy,” Adjetey revealed.

Adjetey Anang however pointed out on the ‘Tonight Show’ that his family and that of his wife were critical in ensuring that they overcame their chal­lenges during the initial seven years of marriage.

“What made it very easy was the fact that the two families—my par­ents and my family and hers—were understanding and didn’t really bother about that and we thought that…look, it was a time to bond, so I say that there is a reason for everything,” the actor stat­ed.

He further expressed the joy of final­ly being a father, stating that the feeling was beyond description when he first held his baby.

“It didn’t feel real. Hon­estly I thought it was like one of those movies again. It all happened so fast, and I didn’t think it was real. It was after that 1 was like …okay I had to pinch myself…okay the baby just came. It was a feeling that you can’t really describe. You’d wish that every father experienced it,” an overly excited Push­er stated.

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