We grew up harboring dreams bigger than the pacific ocean. We had our lives planned out from infancy in our mind’s eye; A college degree or its equivalent, a dream house, a good job and to crown it all, “wifing” the neighbourhood’s most sought-after damsel. We were destined for greatness in theory. “We have dreams”, so we thought.

Anyway, that was then. A little way down the line, our hopes seem to be falling down one after the other like birds being shot down by an expert marksman, they fall broken; shattered; it seems.

The wind of stagnation is carrying us now. We are  turning into the very nightmares we had as children growing up. We are getting potbellied at 26. We used to stargaze and look into the future daydreaming of vacations in the beautiful parts of God’s green earth but now, we only wake up and look forward to Friday nights at the popular bars and having bouts of fun with escorts. We go in and out of relationships like is done at the stroke of half-time in a game of football. We gather in front of barber shops and exchange abusive chatter.

We have literally turned into “street children”. We admire success but abhor the hard work it requires to be successful. We still build castles in the air despite we being shackled by procrastination and imprisoned by retrogression. Some guts we have!

The few who have “made it” are evidently cheered during Friday nights because they will definitely pay for the booze and kebab.So after the drinks and hangovers, what next?

This was not the plan and this is not the dream. This is our neighborhood, the same neighborhood we had dreams of building to become a zoar of progress with the pooling together of our talents. Is this the empire we envisioned?

We still have time, we still have plans but more importantly, we still have strength! We may be late, we may have failed, we may look like misfits to many but we surely are capable of getting our acts back together!

This is my neighborhood, this is your neighborhood but this is our empire! My state of mind is my neighborhood and so is yours. Your neighborhood and my neighborhood will  come together to become an empire of minds if we use the right stitches. We will not let this empire down! This is our ship! We will not allow it sink! We will work!

We will break free from the shackles of hate, procrastination and criticism!  Let us put our backs into it! All hands on deck! We have an empire state of mind to build!

By: eddylampz @ratcolony, EMAIL:

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