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MustReadArticle:The Secret Behind Palm Reading To Tell Your Next Sibling


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There comes a time in this universe, where higher energies incarnate this physical realm to fulfill unthinkable destinies. Like Emerson said, if we are related, we shall meet! If you are reading this today, then some part of you, no matter how small, is my relative – born not of blood but of pure consciousness.

Are you a father or a mother who wants to know the gender of your next child? Or a sister or brother who wants to know the gender of your next sibling? As we have met, permit me to walk you through a highly guarded but open ancient African (Akan) mystery of palm reading that will give you the answer you seek. It is one of the ways God (Infinite Intelligence) has put in place to help humans predict their own future. 

Mum looked at my palms and told me my immediate sibling would have been a male or male twin. I asked why and she told me my palms’ pattern were shaped “LINES-LINES”.

My next immediate sibling would have been a female if my palms’ pattern were “M” shaped – I am her only child. Immediately, I looked at my step father’s palm and saw that “M” shape as described by mum; he told me his immediate sibling was a female.


His answer struck me like a lightning bolt. In African fashion, the knowledge was handed to my mum by my grandmother. This technique had been handed over from generations.

It advanced mode is the use of this technique to know one’s earthly mission; this would be discussed here in the future. Is this technique just a mere coincidence or it has its own biological and metaphysical explanations? This was my duty to find out not mum’s!!!


What was handed over to mum was “LINES-LINES” & “M” but what I saw was “X” and “Y”.  I read many people’s palms and correctly told them about the gender of their immediate sibling without knowing anything about them.

What makes it amazing is that every individual has unique palms pattern but the technique works. I employ the right palm technique; the right palm has proven to be more accurate in gender prediction to amateurs.

The true palm shapes are “X” and “Y”. These are the basic shapes of chromosomes that predict the gender of a child. In simple biology, “XX” would give female and “XY” would give male child.

The second chromosome is the most important determiner in the gender of a child- the first is fixed and it is X. When reading the palm of someone, look at the right palm and if the shape is Y (what my ancestors called Lines-Lines or I), then the sex of the person’s immediate sibling is a male. If the patterns form an X shape, then the gender is a female.

In numerology, the “M” & “X” must be adopted for the female gender prediction. According to Blackwell, “X stands strong on the Earth plane and thus open to materialism. But arms are upstretched asking for spiritual help. It can be all spiritual or all material, high-minded or abased.” We all know women are more materialistic and spiritual minded than men! “ M itself is a glyph that suggests movement, a wave showing the motion of Water.

In most languages words that represent the Mother or Water aspect begin with M: Maame (Twi), Mother (English), Mere (French), etc… the center, just as the womb is located in the center of woman. And, interestingly enough, M is the center of the word woman.”

Also, the letters “I” (lines-lines) & “Y”, must be used in numerology for gender prediction. “Y or Yod is the first part of God’s name, Yod Hé Vau Hé. Yod is male..Yod is the point in the very center of light.

It is the only symbol in the alphabet that stands for both God and man, and it is the smallest letter. It stands for God’s name, the I of IHVH, yet as a suffix it means “my,” and refers to man”, Blackwell. This clearly shows that the ancients were very educated about certain things and the current generation with our ‘white-dough minds’ classify their teachings as mere myths and superstitious!

According to ancient African stories, the first person that gave birth to humanity was a woman (Ausar). She was androgynous in nature and bore the male child without mating with a man. Later, male and female evolved and reproduction needed the fusion of the two. The Y chromosome is an incomplete X chromosome.

X represents blade and chalice (completion) at a closer look but Y is only a chalice with a tail. This might be the reason why man has some ‘incomplete’ body parts (hips, breasts, etc.) when compared to woman.

As old as it is true and sound, unity is the only way to overcome opposition! “The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf.”  Formal education has its own strengths and weaknesses. Many people have been poisoned to forget that true wisdom and knowledge came from their ancient African teachings.

To be a great sage of contemporary, one needs to fuse western education and African ancient education. A person with these initiations would stand the test of knowledge and wisdom needed to change the miserable affairs of his own kinsmen. Stay blessed and watch out as we bring to our awareness ancient African palm reading techniques.


Writer:  Kwasi Boadu Ntiamoah, E-mail:  HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected]”  or [email protected]