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MustReadArticle: Ghanaian Leaders Have Head, But No Brains (ReadWhy)


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I never  knew  90% of  a  race could be  programmed  to  accept abnormalities as formalities until I was born a Ghanaian. In my country, the nose sings whiles the hands walk.

We blame other people for their own inactions; cry on God to descend and bless us again whiles we have gold, diamond, oil, etc.; tag truthful and honest people as retrogressive and backward; think it is the duty of  foreign investors to develop our country for us; and think a soldier should apologise for killing an enemy on a battle field.

Come to think of it, the sages are discouraged from navigating the affairs of the country by tagging politics (leadership) as dirty game and meant for unscrupulous people; political insult is the barometer for determining one’s leadership competence.

Communication expert prepares mineral resource estimation on behalf of the country when entering mining partnership with foreign investors whiles Geological Engineers and Mining Engineers beg to be employed as office cleaners; Energetic youth are crowned foot soldiers to be used by myopic and selfish politicians because most of the youth are programmed to think with their feet not mind. Ghana is like a cargo ship without a captain!


Hmmm… the most annoying thing is that these abnormal beings think they are smart. I am not too hard on my people, that is the perfect way to describe them when I compare our infrastructural, economic, social, spiritual, mental and technological development to our ‘poor’ western counterparts. I thought zombies only existed in movies, but just realised about 90% Ghanaian population are zombies!

Development requires actions not words! But what do Ghanaians do best on radio and television discussions? Complain without the appropriate ACTIONS! Do you want me to believe that Ghanaians are serious people when blacksmiths who manufacture guns, bullets, etc. are incarcerated while we spend millions importing ammunitions each year. Can’t we absorb such people to be military engineers?

Sorry, I forgot that in my country, engineers are not people who solve problems but those who can bedeck their speeches with engineering jargons! What happens to a nation that chains her skilled  people?

God has already finished with us; it is our task to use our resources and mind to develop. We should leave him alone while He enjoys the angelic melodies… Chinese people came to Ghana, we gave them the mining permits to destroy our water bodies (Offin, Pra, etc.) and lands due to our mayopic attitude from selfishness. They have destroyed our waters and what are we doing? We are blaming them for our stupidity; knowing clearly that no Ghanaian would be permitted to do such atrocity in China.

Leaders with their selfishness take ‘tokens’ from these foreign investors and leave their people to wallop in poverty. These same leaders hypocritically complain that the Whites are taking away our resources. Who gave them the permits to mine our gold, diamond, etc.? Aren’t we the same complainants who gave them the permit to mine? Tell me, who needs to be blamed, Ghanaians or Whites? We have no thinking brains but programmed brains to accept our problems as normal.

No institution is properly functioning in Ghana. Churches, mosques and shrines that are meant to bring relief are rather breeding corruption. People need hope now than ever because things have fallen apart and spiritual leaders are taking advantage of that. Programmed people blame other people, witches and God for their problems but wise people take actions for themselves.

It is good to be angry but anger is used  to liberate ourselves not destroy ourselves! There is no true freedom that came with just empty complaints. The history of how Lamborghini cars came into existence buttress the point that anger should be transmuted for something useful.

The country is not wrong but the people are! Bob Marley said, out of abundance of water, the fool complains of thirst. There is nothing normal about our problems as many have been made to believe. Our hunger, homelessness, insecurity, unemployment, Goliath bills, immorality and ignorance are products of mismanagement on our behalf.

We should for once take blame and change our conditions. We need to work harder to liberate ourselves and other zombies to see the abnormalities around us! Everything is abnormal when you know Malaysia, Singapore, etc. are age mates with Ghana! Take control of your mind and soul, meditate to levitate from the zombie world!

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Writer: Kwasi Boadu Ntiamoahh _ ([email protected])