M.anifest replies Sarkodie’s “Kanta” diss with an official letter, throwing deep punches…

The ongoing beef between Sarkodie and M.anifest is heating up as the duos recently replied each other not long ago.

Sarkodie who had recently replied M.anifest’s godMC diss with “Kanta” had been waiting for the retaliation of M.anifest but to his surprise, M.anifest has decided to reply in a way many people say its a grand style. 

M.anifest has replied Sarkodie’s Kanta not with a single track but with an official letter, throwing more punches to the rapper, Sarkodie. Below is the letter, read carefully.

Dear Sarkodie,

I stopped being your fan ever since you released “u go kill me”, the song which made you who you are today and the 1st of many azonto songs to come out of your camp. do you know why? cos you said in ur track “fair warning” that ” mo na mo feeli party songs, that be the easy way”

You had no idea then that trends will change and your stomach will have to dictate your subsequent actions. you talk too much. you are hungry so you gotta live for the radio. you went against your own words. now back to the matter.

You keep throwing jabs at your colleagues every now and then you don’t expect any back to you? is it not few weeks back that you dissed E.L. with bossy? now you have met your meter. you can’t make a healthy beef. that’s not a trait to a good rapper that you claim to be. you have over stepped your ethical boundaries by taking it too personal with this “kanta” track. it shows godmc has really touched your nerves.

Don’t bring out your emotions into a professional work. the only thing you can boast of is your success. yes azonto made you. rappers like okyeame kwame, asem etc have totally REFUSED to do azonto. it sells and make the money. you are Ghana’s best and most successful artiste but you are not the best rapper.

You are jay z, but you can never compare yourself to nas. i heard M.I endorsed you. i don’t blame him. anybody who don’t understand twi will be wowed by your flow and aggression. if he does understands any of your lyrics, perhaps he might have a change of heart. you been blowing nonfa since that “one time for your mind” track. you rap just to rhyme but you forget that rhymes have to add up to bring out the message of a track.

I like you for being smart and with a business acumen. you have featured on your songs every major singer in GH. Ghanaians just care about the melody. you just have to hide behind the melody and lay some lame bars. you have to give c0redits to E.L, mugeez, castro, bisa, sheriffa, efya, etc. they made us enjoy most of your songs. as for me, i have stopped wearing jeans, sneakers and the likes.

I just want to be casual and corporate . it is my choice. it doesn’t mean those who wear it are in high school or rich. you have to go and come back with that attack. if you wear those things then you think you are on top of the world.

I wear my African prints with pride. OMG!!! you even flaunt a nixon watch??? even omar sterling who wears audemars piguet royal oak chronograph don’t talk. your idea of clothes defining a rapper just depicts how shallow your level of cognition and rational thought is. if you rap on the funk and classical beats Manifest raps on, trust me you won’t be able to afford a corolla. Go on and throw jabs, but don’t go beyond boundaries. just rap for us but you have to remember you are a rapper with azonto cv.

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