Kantanka Automobile, VW, Sinotruk, and Nissan will have equal support and benefits – Dr. Bawumia

Government will ensure that Kantanka automobile is given the same incentives as the other foreign automobile companies in order to enhance their operations, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has disclosed.

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According to him, both indigenous and international automobile companies operating in Ghana will have the full and equal backing from government.

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Dr. Bawumia made this statement whiles speaking at the Ghana Industrial Summit and Exhibition in Accra on Tuesday.

He announced that another international automobile company, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, has also expressed interest in setting up an assembly plant in the country.

‘We have had discussions for example with our local producers like Kantanka to make sure that whatever incentives we are providing to all companies who are becoming interested in our automobile industry like the Nissans and VWs, are also available to the Kantankas of Ghana so that they can also produce with those same types of incentives,‘ the Vice President said.

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He explained that the welcoming of automobile companies in Ghana is in line with government’s plans to boost the economy through industrialization.

This, he said, will also have a good impact on the private sector, once the economy is industrialised.

‘We have added the automobile industry into our key initiatives to move the industrial transformation of this country but people were doubting. I tell you we have received a massive response from the private sector after we send the strong signal of industrializing the economy,’ the Vice President added.

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Nissan Motor now joins German car manufacturer, Volkswagen and Sinotruk International from China as the international automobile companies looking to assemble plants in the country.

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