Kantanka Automobile to open Auto Service Centre in Liberia Soon

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Kantanka Automobile Company Limited, the only indigenous automobile manufacturing and assembling company in Ghana owned by one of the most popular inventor, innovator and philanthropic personality in Ghana, Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka has performed its first ever expatriate auto service in Liberia.

The automobile company, which is in history as the nation’s first ever privately owned indigenous company is been doing so well according to insider information at their Gomoa-Mpota Assembly Plant. The company has so far shipped two vehicles outside the country.

The automobile company which was founded by Apostle Dr. Ing Kwadwo Safo Kantanka in 2004 and commenced operations in November 2015 had previously been facing challenges sprouting from the both current and past governments as the country has not officially formulated an Automobile Policy to govern the activities of the industry.

EX President of Liberia Kantanka Mensah

The company despite its challenges had been able to sell two of its Kantanka Mensah model to a customer in Norway and the Ex President of Liberia, Mrs Ellen Johnson in 2018. Over the weekend rumors gathered by oilcitytoday crew depicted that the Ex President of Liberia, Mrs Ellen Johnson’s Kantanka Mensah bought in 2018 was due for Servicing. So the company flew two of its engineers to service the vehicle in Liberia since the company has not setup a Servicing Centre in the country yet.

Kantanka Mensah

The General Manager of the company believes that the plans are underway to setup Auto Service centres in all the country’s where it cars has been sold to. Mr. Francis Kodjo Kudorji told oilcitytoday news crew that the company is currently in dialogue with the government as the government prepares to roll out official Automobile Policy Guidelines to steer the affairs of all the incoming Automobile manufacturers in the country.

So the company is currently on hold with a lot of its operations and soon the company will also be manufacturing taxi-like cars and electric cars as well.

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