Jupitar advises fellow dancehall artistes to cut the pride and ego

Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Jupitar, known in real life as Mykell O’mint has urged his fellow dancehall artistes to cut their pride and ego and make dancehall attractive.

He observed that dancehall music is not growing in Ghana the way it should because most of the artistes are pompous.

Jupitar was speaking with DJ Willie on Adom FM’s Afiada Mbosuo Friday.

According to the “Enemy” hit singer, there is so much tension and acrimony between local dancehall artistes in a manner that threatens to stifle the growth of the genre in Ghana .

It would be recalled that dancehall artistes Shata Wale and Samini have been in the news fiercely casting insults, insinuations and innuendos at each other through songs and on social media.

Both Samini and Shatta Wale claim to be dancehall kings and they have not failed to use their media to advance their claim in the fiercest ways.

Indeed, Shatta Wale has also been in the news casting insinuations at Stonebwoy, Kaakie and others.

This is not different from what happens in Jamaica, where the whole dancehall genre and culture originated from.

But Jupitar noted that “even in Jamaica where dancehall culture originated, the artistes battle but they still feature each other in various works and that is advancing the genre in that country and around the world.”

He said: “Vybz Kartel and Movado had the biggest rivalries ever but they still featured each other, I think it would be better we put the pride and ego somewhere and focus.”

Jupitar urged budding artistes not to copy the behaviour of the big dancehall stars in Ghana, but rather focus on collaborations and make good music for local and international audience.

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