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Johnny Blagogee is the new Chairman of Oil Marketing Companies


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The Managing Director of Strategic Energies Limited, Johnny Blagogee has been sworn-in as Chairman for the Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC) for the next two years at a colourful ceremony held in Accra.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Blagogee indicated that the AOMC as an advocacy institution would continue to direct downstream policy, legislation and regulation and pursue research towards the development of the downstream sector.

Mr Blagogee pointed out that one of the key issues facing them today was the growing concern over the influx and close proximity of fuel stations in the country.

‘We will be pushing for a tighter entry criteria for new entrants into the industry. This is to help control the influx of OMCs into the downstream petroleum sector, which is currently estimated to be over 40 companies and the subsequent siting of fuel stations all over the country’ he assured.

He averred that in his tenure as chairman, he would work closely with the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), which is the regulator for the industry, to raise the bar for new entrants to restrict the number of companies that venture into the downstream petroleum sector.

He said the spirit of change would be seen, as they vigorously embark on a drive of communication among members adding ‘we will direct, help and advice members accordingly of the acknowledged best practices’.

Mr Blagogee promised that the board would operate an open door policy to ensure that members contribute to issues and bring out solutions to address the problems that confront their activities stressing that members shouldn’t hesitate to contact the secretariat or him’.

Mr Blagogee explained that since the structure of their filling stations has become a topical issue in recent times, he would introduce a policy to ensure that designs of filling stations come with accommodation to serve staff.

‘Members would be equipped to improve safety standards in their outlets. Our staff and consumers are very dear to the hearts of the industry. We cannot exist without the consumers’ he mentioned.

Touching on Human Resource Capacity and Customer Service, Mr Blagogee said the staff and individuals in the association would be trained on the latest technology methods as far as the industry is concerned.

‘Our association members would have periodic training in customer service. This would help delight the numerous customers who throng our outlets to purchase their products’ he stated.

On media collaboration, Mr Blagogee opined that they shall work closely with the media to ensure that consumer’s interests are protected.

‘We shall organize seminars and workshops for the media personnel in order to appreciate issues within the petroleum downstream sector’ he revealed.

He said as the Chairman, he looks forward to working with key stakeholders in the downstream sector including the National Petroleum Authority, the Environmental Protection Agency among others for a smooth working environment.

‘I am grateful for the opportunity offered me to work for the betterment of the association and to lead the association for the next two years. I would strive for excellence in every way to be worthy of your confidence and promise not to let down this association as the chairman for the board,’ Mr Blagogee promised