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Jesus never sold oils and miracle waters – Rev. Frimpong Manso


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The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God church, Ghana, Reverend Dr. Paul Frimpong Manso has taken a swipe at prophets who sell oil and water for miracles.

Speaking on JoyNews current affairs show pm:express, the reverend noted that the so called pastors and prophets who engage in such activities are false prophets because that activity has no basis in the Bible.

His comments come at a time when selling of olive oils and miracle waters have become prevalent in some churches.

In answering host Malik Abass Daabu’s question about what he makes of the sale of anointing oil and water for miracles, Rev. Frimpong-Manso angrily said “I have seen on television and heard on radio people selling water, selling oil, selling anything; these are false things, miracles are free, and I am saying it without any apology, if anybody tells you to come and buy oil, come and buy this or that, I am declaring as a matter of the word of God that that guy is fake.”

He explained that the anointing of God is received freely and so it must be imparted on people adding that ‘many people are following this trend because of lack of knowledge; Jesus Christ never sold oil….where in the Bible do we see people selling (oil)?’ I believe in anointing and God anoints people, but the oil for that anointing is a symbolism. There is no power in those oils and water no matter where they come from; whether from Israel or Jordan.”

He concluded that prophets who sell their anointing prey on the vulnerability of people and cheat them.