Indigenous OMCs need support – Engen Ghana

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Business News of Thursday, 25 April 2019


MD od Engen Ghana, Henry Akwaboah

Engen Ghana Limited, on Thursday called for support for indigenous Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to survive and compete favourably with multi-nationals who are progressively taking dominion over the downstream petroleum sector.

Mr Henry Akwaboah, Managing Director of Engen Ghana explained that it was dangerous for the national economy if multi-nationals dominated the downstream petroleum sector as any industrial turbulence could endanger the security of the country.

He said multi-national players in other jurisdictions had the penchant of forming cartels and dictating the price of fuel products; “in a deregulated regime, Ghana must empower indigenous OMCs to stand the might of these companies and protect national interest”.

Mr Akwaboah told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on the performance of indigenous OMCs that, “currently most local OMCs were struggling to survive due to uneven business environment. The Multi-nationals have huge financial power and covertly trying to knock-out indigenous OMCs out of business”.

He however re-affirmed Engen Ghana’s commitment to lead an industrial revolution for the protection of local OMCs, “we are therefore injecting professionalism in the downstream operations in fulfillment of our commitment to become the Oil Company of Choice in the country”.

Mr Akwaboah, explained that “under the new shareholders, Mocoh Ghana Limited; Engen Ghana is building a solid business foundation inextricably linked to the values – Integrity, Ownership, Team Work, Empowerment and Performance”.

He said the values underpinned the day to day operations as a responsible corporate entity across service stations across the country; “we will also collaborate with other indigenous OMCs through sharing of experiences”.

Mr Akwaboah explained that under the current shareholder, Mocoh Ghana, “the customer has become the central business focus for Engen Ghana.

“We view sustainability as an integral part of our business operations, recognising that People, and Profit together form the foundation of Engen’s long-term growth and success”.

Mr Akwaboah, noted that Engen Ghana,now an indigenous OMCs is interested in the protection of the environment,and therefore has adopted the right balance between environmental performance, social equity, and financial prosperity in all decisions and activities.

He said Engen Ghana would continue to ensure a standardised integrated system to manage Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) at all “Engen branded service stations”.

He said in view of recent developments, Engen Ghana launched an online tool that made real-time recommendations on the best possible lubricating oil for a customer’s make and model of vehicle

The tool provides a marketing and strategic support for Engen Lubricants, which enabled customers to search through an international database of automotive manufacturers for the right lubricants even before going to the service stations.

On the impact of the deregulation on OMCs operations, Mr Akwaboah noted that the price volatility put a lot of pressure on OMCs as the fortnight price review making it extremely difficult to hold stock.

He said Engen Ghana would also continue to go the extra mile to produce only the best fuel and lubricants that would not only go the extra mile, but most importantly protect the engine of client.

Mr Akwaboah explained that Engen Ghana “believes that it is not only about filling the tank, but also protecting that investment you made in your car and equipment, which is one of your valuables”.

He said in view of these development in the automobile industry, Engen Ghana introduced the Engen Dynamic Diesel and Primax Super purposely produced with the car engine in mind to protect, clean and maintain the engine.

He said at Engen Ghana Service Stations “we are committed to selling high quality fuels and lubricants to our customers and the consuming public.

“We are mindful of the harmful effects of low-quality fuels on vehicles, equipment and the environment hence, our supply and distribution processes ensure quality assurance right from the loading depot until delivery at our service stations and bulk consumer facilities”.

Mr Akwaboah urged customers to patronise indigenous OMCs including; Engen Ghana; drive to “one of our neat and well-organised forecourts near you and experience the best service quality from a welcoming and polite attendant to fill your tank.

“Our lube bays are state-of-the-art with trained personnel to change your oil and service your car. We do not compromise on your safety you can trust us, whilst Our Engen One Card helps to ease purchasing and control spending.

“The one card affords you the opportunity to plan what you buy and to never run out of fuel on the way. We recommend the one card for your personal or commercial use”.

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