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I get angry when people say I’m too known – Reggie Rockstone


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Some sections of Ghanaians are not pleased with how Reggie Rockstone goes about his life. To many, he sounds like that a person who knows it all, is a braggart a lot and more.

According to some people, Reggie Rockstone in one breath is claiming he is the originator of hiplife, in another breath, he says he is the originator of Ghana Meets Naija.

Some critics have over the years quizzed him as to why he always wants to take credit for everything in Ghana. Some have even said that he would come out one day claim being the brain behind Ghana’s independence and would have the prove to show and more.

Reggie Rockstone has decided that he can’t take it anymore and has come out publicly to clear the air on opinions some sections of Ghanaians have about him.

He has addressed talks that he’s too known, he doesn’t rap like he used to, on why he joined VVIP, why he always talks about his wife and more.

On why he doesn’t rap like he used to, he said, the new VVIP is not all about bars and that the new VVIP is about doing songs for people to dance to.

Addressing why he always talk about his wife and why he loves to show private stuffs on social media, he said he talks about his wife and show his stuffs publicly because that’s what he cherishes and more.