‘I can easily give Ghc5 to everybody in Ashanti Reg’ – “Prophet One”


One of the controversial pastors in Kumasi, the Founder of the Ebenezer Miracle Prayer Centre, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom, has boasted about his financial prowess, claiming that he can freely give Ghc5 to every single individual in the Ashanti Region and never feel that his ‘pocket’ had been impacted.

Rev. Adarkwah Yiadom, popularly known as ‘Prophet One’, was quoted by the Ghanaian Chronicle newspaper as saying his account won’t be affected if he decides to share money to every resident in the region, stressing that he does not need to earn money by selling ‘holy water’ to his congregation.

In an insulting onslaught against his nemesis and longtime foe, Evangelist Akwasi Awuah, Prophet One, in his typical style, went berserk, using unprintable words against his colleague preacher, the newspaper reported in the Thursday February 4, 2016, edition.

The attack was said to be a renewal of hostilities between the two pastors. Adarkwa Yiadom rained curses on Evangelist Awuah and said he and his family would suffer a never-ending plague, which will result in an embarrassing death.

The attack followed recent accusations by Evangelist Awuah, during a radio programme on Sika FM. Awuah alleged that Prophet One and other pastors were exploiting innocent congregants by selling to them powerless holy water.

He said it was because of pastors like Adarkwa-Yiadom that former preacher, Prophet Elisha, aka Spiritual Bulldozer, who has now converted to Islam, recently said that some pastors receive their supernatural powers from a spiritual god, known as Mahanta.

The tall list of beneficiary pastors had been circulating on social media for several weeks, with shocking names of some key “men of God” who claim to be performing extraordinary miracles in the name of God, but in actual fact deriving their powers from Mahanta.

Evangelist Awuah in referring those allegations directly scoffed the alleged affected pastors. Prophet One then issued a strong rebuttal through a 7-minute audio which has gone viral on social media.

With moral support from his young pastors, an incensed Prophet Adarkwah, who was preaching on his radio station in Kumasi, Mercury FM took strong exception to the attitude of the management of Sika FM, and accused them of allowing their medium to be used to attack him.

Prophet One warned that he would afflict Aquah with a strange disease, a disease that will have no cure until he enters his grave.