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‘I am a victim of political machinations’ – Samia Nkrumah


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The defeated Presidential Aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Samia Yaba Nkrumah has stated that she is a victim of political machinations, hence her continuous defeat in political race.

This, she indicated that, overthrowing a system is a hurdle one has to cross.

She added that her decision to be independent without aligning to both the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has caused her misfortunes in political circles.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast hosted by Prince, Samia explained that she refused to align with these parties because they have failed the nation.

Samia stated that though she does not make vague allegations, the electorates do not buy her ideas.

‘When I say something, I back it with figures, of course, am a victim of losing political machinations, I always show an independent mind, the Wikileaks report has shown that we will not align ourselves with NDC nor NPP. You know when you are trying to overthrow a system or go against a system, it’s normal that you will face many challenges. It’s only natural that I will be the main target, this is politics,’ she explained.

According to her, the money that was doled out during the CPP’s Congress held over the weekend is unprecedented.

She assured that she is closing the blind and move on as a party member; urging the rank and file of the party to interrogate the issues raised.

‘The amount of money that was injected in the elections on voting day is unprecedented, and I think that as a party, we need to interrogate the issues,’ she suggested.

She observed that most Ghanaians are faced with financial challenges, observing that people easily succumb to pressures from politicians.

‘I wouldn’t say am a bad loser, because nothing dampens my spirit, but certain facts have to be brought to the public domain, you know we are practising democracy at the time when many Ghanaians are facing unemployment, fuel hikes, high taxes so it’s only normal that people will succumb to pressures, GHC200 is a big amount for some people,’ she said.

The Former Chairman of the CPP admitted that she gave delegates food and drinks to make life a bit easier for them.

She stated that vote buying is a national issue which needs to be confronted by Ghanaians.

‘We all tried to make life a bit easier for delegates, they come from afar by giving some food, drinks, that is no amount in comparison to the huge amount given to them, there is a big difference, there is a certain degree that could really change the dynamics of politics, I think there is a huge difference,’ she reiterated.

She disclosed that she will be contesting for the Jomoro Parliamentary seat in the Western Region.

‘Am also very happy to serve my party in any other capacity that will promote the region of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, am looking at the options of going back for the Jomoro seat in the Western Region, the mission is to return home to make sure that we revive the policies and ideas of Kwame Nkrumah,’ she explained.