Hilarious video shows little girl asking Google to help find her absentee father


A little girl as young as two years old has resorted to the internet to search for her father she has not seen in a long while since Google is the biggest platform where almost everything could be found.

The South African toddler is seen in a viral video holding a tablet phone believed to belong to her guardians, as she tries to send a voice message to Google.

“Can I see my daddy in Joburg, Gugu?” she is heard asking repeatedly.

The video has gone viral after her mother who apparently filmed it posted it on social media and it was subsequently shared by others.

She captioned the video: “Man my daughter just asked Gugu (google) to show her daddy… she’s like dis nigga been gone too long.”

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The toddler’s mother is reported as saying that her husband has been away for a long time and the girl has been missing him.

Well, some social media users have jokingly suggested that the woman must have equally missed her husband and tactfully chosen to use her daughter to emotionally blackmail him to return.

Watch the video below:

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