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Ghanaians react to M.anifest, Sarkodie ‘beef’, “godMC vs Kanta”


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A battle between two of Ghana’s most influential rappers will not pass under the social media radar and this one most certainly did not.

Sarkodie and Manifest have caused a social media storm in Ghana with apparent ‘diss’ tracks to each other.

The exchange of words by the two has got everyone talking, particularly on social media.

The ‘Beef’

Manifest’s release of godMC was seen by most Sarkodie fans as an attack on the BET award-winning artiste.

One of the lines of Manifest’s song goes “What’s a king to a godMC? Numero uno, that be me” – which may or may not be a reference to Sarkodie’s proclamation of being king of rap – even his Twitter account says so.

Sarkodie’s response was swift and brutal, or unnecessary and uninspired, depending ion which side of the divide you are arguing from.

He delivers a lot of ‘punchlines,’ touching Manifest’s use of ‘big’ English words, adding that the ‘No Shortcut to heaven’ hitmaker won’t be as good as him.

“See, I’ll help you for free but ɛfiri nnɛ korɔ no we [will] be working pro bono. I gave you the highest retweets, gave you some bath on the street. I know you dey aim for my spot but you think my position be cheap,” raps Sarkodie.

However the most hard-hitting line from the song (presumably), certainly the most divisive, is where Sarkodie attacks Manifest’s fashion sense, mocking his local print clothes.

“Swag na wonni oo nnyɛ sɛ ebia you no wan shadda. Dope rapper bɛn na ɛde Woodin pam kaba? Afro-centric, masa wo swa”

And of course, Facebook fans had a lot to say:

Alex Lovejoy Wolfpak @Nana Ackon “Bro, ya be die hard fun of Sark and I don’t hate Sark as well but this his music be nonfa song in first place. U knw Sark and the kind of Rap he does, can u count this music among even 100 of his songs? It’s time u say de truth, u wer talkin abt Tupac’s Hit ’em Up but it was one of his major tracks of all time despite the fact that it carried emotional attacking words… So if de Person is Voicing nonfa lyrics we for tell him?? u feel de person so if he do non sense koraa u dey support am”

Nana Ackon Alex. Am glad you referred to 2pac’s hit up. The kind of words he used was even nonfa than this , like you claim to be ….. but I ….., is that makes sense to you? When it comes to dissin everything goes, I like Man. but Sark reigns for now.

Anderson Sconey toy manifest fans.sark onli said in his song dat pls manifest let me use ur dodotido to end dis vers dat all bt manifest start insult nw Africa rap god bore seen.if manifest is dat good u tink he is y dint he do music wer he skuul?toys cos he no sey onli ghana p3 wey if u dey slang nor u go b famous

AbeikuQuansah Breezy So Sarkodie just replied M.anifest with a new one titled ‪#‎Kanta‬ (Counter – Attack).. The game just got interesting.. Ghana ay3 d3w., Let’s pray the‪#‎godMC‬ doesn’t come back else Sarkoholics will cry.. I love Musical Politics.. especially a healthy one.
Bright George Agamah JuniorOn my opinion I think m.anifest shouldn’t even bother to reply cz sark just proved to us that m.anifest really is the godmc with that thing he just dropped cz if all u could talk about was kaba then u should go do fashion and leave rap cz nothing u said made sense …u start with politics then switch to ur history then back to what ??? No plan!!!! Sometimes when u think u know too much u end up being ‘clowned’ cz truly rap has much to do with intelligence…it’s only when u are truly learned that u can drop real deep punchlines …Punchlines are not meant to be shallow it’s meant to be deep it should be a puzzle u Ravel !!!!!!!!! Go back to school or better still stick to your EKUTIA things till then we will still use GTP to sew kaba cz the last time I checked we don’t use leather to sew kaba
Omar Sway we still for madina ?????? Repost..????????Sark be nonfa rapper……..

The two artistes trended massively  on Twitter over the weekend and into Monday.

Fans of  the two were having a go at each other, pointing out ‘punches’ in the lines delivered by their artiste and stating why one or the other had won the exchange.

Several trending topics were spawned including ‘Afrocentric’ and ‘#willMANIFESTreply’ an attempt to bait the artiste to respond to ‘Kanta’

Yaa Pono and Pope Skinny?

Two artistes one might initially have considered to be unrelated to the exchange between Sarkodie and Manifest have been drawn into the mix.

Rappers Yaa Pono and Pope Skinny shot up the trends list on Twitter on Monday with some (mainly tongue-in-cheek) references to how the duo would fare in a lyrical battle against either of the two.

While there may not be a conclusive answer to that, one thing is certain; Twitter can be cruel:

By: Edwin Kwakofi/citifmonline.com/Ghana