Ghanaian workers should make themselves relevant to employers

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By Laudia Sawer

Tema, April 25,
GNA – Mr Bright Wereko-Brobbey, Deputy Minister of Employment, has implored
employees to add value to themselves in order to be relevant to employers.

Wereko-Brobbey, speaking at a symposium organized by the Tema District Council
of Labour (TDCL), said the world of work was changing fast therefore the need
for employees to add value to themselves.

“Even those of
you who found yourselves in permanent jobs, don’t think that you are so safe
and that you will not improve yourself on the job, some people are also
developing and thinking so fast to take away your jobs by way of robotics and
artificial intelligence,” he noted.

He stated that
even if one had a permanent job, they must think about the next step, and what
they could do to retain themselves on the job by making a conscious effort to
develop themselves.

“Make yourself
relevant to the employers if you think you will still sit there and everyday
collect books, you mark them, one day a machine would be collecting and marking
the books. Where will you be?”

Touching on the
increasing trend of casualization of jobs, the Deputy Minister indicated that
government was watching the issue closely and was reconciling it with the world
of work and how things were changing and revolving rapidly globally.  

He however said
every worker must be treated equally on the job irrespective of the status of
the employee stating that “for me, casual workers are even the most hardworking
because he or she knows that for the next two years, I have a contract and if I
don’t do well, if I don’t develop myself, if I don’t strife, the job will be
taken away from me”.


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