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Ghana Youth in Sport Betting grows


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The rapid increase of many betting companies namely Supabet, Mybet, Premier Bet, Eurobet and SafariBet across the length and breadth of the country asks many questions than answers and with involvement of the youth today makes the future of Ghana appear blur.

My curiosity made me pay a planned visit to a sports betting house in Accra,upon entering i heard a blast of screamer. At a glance I asked my self if the Black Stars of Ghana were involved in a match I didn’t know? This conclusion was drawn based on the huge football spectators that had gathered around just to catch a glimpse of European football.

I made my way up to the center and got closer to the enthusiastic young men whose jubilation was overly exciting and as anxious as I was got closer to one of them and asked what is happening.

He answered “an expectant number 4 on roller board had just dropped and a colleague of his has just won Ghc1000. I asked him, did you just say Ghc1000? he replied yes!

Immediately l saw the sharing of money and I didn’t hesitate to take my share of Ghc5, after all nobody rejects money especially with the current economic condition.

betting mybet

I noticed one young man who was quietly sitting in the far corner of the building, my curiosity drew me closer to him. I asked young man why didn’t you come for the share of the token that was being distributed? He suddenly shook his head and told me “I have lost Ghc500 in just 30 minutes so taking that amount of money will not make me regain the money I was supposed to pay as my school fees”.

A saddened feel of condolence aroused my emotions, I told him not to worry it shall be well.

The massive influence of sports betting among the youth hasn’t gone unnoticed as more of the youth delve into that venture of making quick money.

The string desire and the ‘short form of getting rich has gotten me question how bright is the future of the upcoming youth. Well we would have to wait and see the outcome of this phenomenon in the following years.