Easy, Healthy Peeps Recipe (Gut-Healing, Refined Sugar Free)

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Peeps are perhaps the classic Easter food—unmeltable in plastic Easter eggs, even on the hottest days, brightly colored with pastels to usher in spring, and airy enough to eat, well, more than you probably should without feeling too sick. The packaged variety, though, relies on artificial colors and refined sugar for its cheery holiday look and flavor—which is where this easy, healthier version comes in.

They rely on one of the best gut-healing ingredients around—grass-fed gelatin. Gelatin is what makes marshmallows, well, marshmallows, but it’s also incredibly anti-inflammatory, and packed with amino acids that help seal and heal the lining the of the gut (you may be particularly familiar with its cousin, collagen, which won’t help things gel but is also great for your gut—and has become a bit of a trendy favorite these days). When bloomed and whipped with honey, the gelatin turns into marshmallow fluff, which dries into perfect marshmallows.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can use cookie cutters to make small bunny shapes (this one is very Peep-like), but you’ll get the same general effect by cutting them into squares and rolling them in colored sugar.

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