‘Dumsor’ to reduce from tomorrow, 13 Dec – Power Minister


The Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor has promised that beginning next week December 13, the load shedding currently being experienced in Ghana would reduce.

According to him, the coming on stream of new plants such as AMERI, TAPCo and Karpower barge were the basis for his optimism.

“I expect that the quantum being shed should be reducing from next week by which time we will have the 120 units in place from Atuabo, by which time the 150 TAPCo Unit that is down would also have been up. So barring any unforeseen circumstances the load shedding should be reducing from next week,” the Minister said.

Ghana for the past four years has been experiencing intermittent electric power supply that has crippled many businesses and affected the economy badly.

Dr Donkor upon resumption as Power Minister in November 2014 outlined a number of interventions he said were to produce results by end of 2015.

He offered to resign as sector Minister if he was unable to solve the problem of load shedding by end of December 2015.

Listen to Dr Donkor’s promise in the attached audio below..