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Convention People’s Party (CPP), submits audited accounts to EC


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The National Chairman and leader of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Professor Edmund Delle, has presented the audited accounts and the list of constituency offices of the party to the Electoral Commission (EC).

This is in compliance with the directive by the commission.

The EC, by a letter, requested all political parties to submit their audited reports and list of constituencies they operate to it by today, May 31, or face the consequences as required by the Political Parties Law.

Professor Delle, who was accompanied by Hajia Hamdatu Ibrahim, the First Vice Chair, and Serchun Komba, the Deputy General Secretary (Operations), told the Daily Graphic, after the presentation yesterday, that the list of the constituency offices was more than the 144 required by the EC.

Continuous dialogue

The national chairman of the CPP called on the EC to continue to dialogue with the political parties which were unable to comply with its directive instead of imposing sanctions on them.

He said as a regulator of the political parties law, the EC should see it incumbent on it to open its doors for dialogue with the political parties for consensus building and the strengthening and promotion of multiparty democracy in the country as stipulated by the 1992 Constitution.

The chairman said he expected the EC to be more inclusive instead of being exclusive and explained that the 1992 Constitution permitted multiparty democracy.

Two parties

He said the people were missing the right interpretation of the constitution on the multiparty aspect of democracy and seem to be bogged down by recognising the two major parties as the only parties in the country.

He said the smaller parties also played important roles in multiparty democracy and, therefore, urged the public to erase the misconception that the CPP was a smaller party.

Professor Delle advised the other political parties to endeavour to engage the EC to discuss the way forward and to help them to build their capacities and play their roles in the country’s democratic governance.

Concerning the misconception of the CPP as a smaller party, he said even though the party was proscribed after the 1966 coup and banned during the elections in 1969, it had made an indelible mark at both national and international levels.

Professor Delle said it was wrong for people, including a section of the media, to continue to describe the CPP as a smaller party.

“How can you describe a party which won independence for the country as a smaller party?” he queried and added that the party continued to enjoy recognition in the diaspora.

He said Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s honour as the African man of the century was in recognition of his  achievement during the reign of the party.