Coffee Break: Big Cat Pointed Toe Flat

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This may sound slightly off topic, but stick with me: Everlane emailed folks today about how they were launching a new sneaker brand and how they were hesitant for a long while because sneakers have a huge “environmental footprints, requir[ing] an inordinate amount of energy to produce, are made largely from virgin plastic, and … end up in landfills around the world.” My immediate thought was, “but Rothys flats are all totally sustainable, aren’t they! Have I just not appreciated how cool that fact is before?” So I went and checked and yes, indeed, Rothys has a ton of great sustainability elements, including that their knit uppers are made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles, and the company aims to use recycled and renewable materials in their shoes as well as streamlined packaging. They even own their own factory and use carbon credits to fund Project Envira. Huzzah! (The Everlane shoe is launching 4/25 but from first look do not look to be my cup of tea, but hey, never say never.) The pictured Rothy’s shoe is $145. Big Cat Pointed Toe Flat

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