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Castro is coming soon – Kofi Kinata


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Two years after the disappearance of popular musician Castro, his family and friends continue to give assurances that the missing musician shall return.

The latest person to join in the singing of this ‘Castro shall return’ mantra is the reigning New Artiste of the Year, Kofi Kinata, a very close confidant of the missing musician.

“I know he is still alive and would definitely come back to join all of us from where he left off. Castro is like a brother to me and working with him has added a lot to my career as a musician. I always pray for him and he will return soon,” Kinaata was quoted to have told one 3news.com.

Kofi Kinaata, singer of the ‘Susuka’ mega hit song, did not give the exact reason he was confident that Castro would return but his optimism is the same attitude that has been adopted by family of the missing musician.

A biological brother of Castro is also on record to have announced about a year ago during the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) that the missing musician was not dead and will return as fit as a fiddle.

Two years ago, on July 6, 2014, Castro and his female friend, Janet Bandu, both got missing while cruising Lake Volta on a jet ski hired to him by Aqua Safari Resort.

The two never returned but about an hour later, it was reported that the jet-ski on which they rode had been found vacant on the lake.

A combined search team made up of the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Army, local fisherfolks and friends combed the entire area for days without a single trace of their whereabouts.

Speculations went viral without any evidence that Castro and Janet were most likely to have drowned.

Police investigations later revealed that Aqua Safari Resort, the company which hired the jet ski to Castro, gave him the wrong type of life jacket that could not have saved his life if an accident occurred while on the water.

It has also turned out that Aqua Safari Resort, after hir­ing the jet ski to Castro, has not been able to provide the indemnity form all riders are made to sign before they are given the jet.

The inability of the company to explain how come Castro was not made to fill the form and go through the laid down procedure before he was allowed to ride on the jet, and how come he had the wrong type of life jacket raises questions on the safety of revellers who cruise the lake.

Normally, there should have been a tracker which should alert the operators of the jet ski that it had stopped somewhere and the exact spot on the lake where it was. But it took about an hour before someone saw the empty jet ski and alerted the resort.