Amansan Krakye emcees GRASAG-UCC socialization night in Style (Videos)

Most at times, it is easy to lay blames when events do not live up to the expected hype. However, if the event turns up to be successful, those who deserve the credit are rather forgotten or not acknowledged.

This is a classic scenario for the massive attendance that characterized the just ended GRASAG-UCC socialization night.

As usual, the emcee for every occasion is the focal point that sustains the interest of participants as well as coordinating all the other aspects to ensure that the program becomes successful.

The emcee for the socialization night, Frank Mensah whose pseudonym is Amansan Krakye, a graduate student pursuing MPhil in NGO Studies & Community Development, according to my observation contributed immensely to engaging the mature participants at the event.

Amansan Krakye who is a broadcast journalist with GBC regional media outlet, Radio Central 92.5Mhz in Cape Coast and also a discussant on the entertainment review show on ATL FM 100.5Mhz on UCC campus, brought his creativity to bear at the program.

As an observer, Amansan Krakye was able to combine dexterity and sense of humour into coming up with a lot of activities to whet the appetite of the graduate students.

Throughout the program, he was able to combine a lot of skills which obviously made the hesitant participants to involve themselves willingly in all the activities.

Frank Mensah, who was the President of National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) for Central Region in 2013/14 was also the national PRO for Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (ttag) 2010/11. He was trained as a professional teacher at the Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong and later enrolled at UCC for his post-diploma.

Just as the saying goes ” A nation that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for”, therefore let us endeavour to give credit to those who deserve it.




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