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5 Arguments that become MC Dementor, the most international and succesfull rapper from Colombia


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1. International collabs: Soulja boy, Wayne Wonder, Stonebwoy, Eminem.
2. Fan base: Even with a growing fan base on countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica and Haiti. MC Dementor is known by a segment of West African population, rappers from Colombia are only known on Colombia or the city they from, the older ones on 1 or 2 Latin American countries as famous underground artist
3. Movements: MC Dementor has 4 international tours, African festivals, TV and Radio Media on Ghana on the most important TV Channels, even sharing stage with BET award winner Stonebwoy
4. Buzz and Promo: Last MC Dementor posts had reach at least 350.000 people on West African countries, making real controversy. Colombian rappers don’t event cause controversy on a single Colombian city.
5. Brand and Image: On a single interview on Ghana TV of MC Dementor shows how the image, the movements and the speech with fluent English is years light than any Colombian rapper
6. Budget for videos: Stars life was done by one of the video producers of Eminem Ft Lloyd Banks video, Mercy video and Langa Langa video with Wayne Wonder and Stonebwoy on it shows for music you need budget for people recognize you.

MC Dementor Images

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