Vote on tribal lines – Mornah tells electorate

Don’t do tribal politics but vote on tribal lines, that’s the message from the Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah to electorate ahead of the November polls.

Mr. Mornah’s comments come after he asked northerners to vote for the PNC in the same way Ewes consistently vote massively for the NDC while the NPP gets majority of its votes from the Ashanti region.

Mr. Mornah who defended his comments in an interview with Class FM said “people have made worse comments than I have”.

“People have said ‘Yen Akanfuo’, meaning that the party should be for them and many others…. I am saying that these trends [exist] because we have not sat down to collectively look at it.

“We will continue to pretend and one day it will boomerang on us. I have said, ‘Don’t do tribal politics but vote tribally,’” he added.

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