VIDEO: A+ sings a controversial hot political song, hitting hard on NDC government

Controversial Ghanaian comedian cum musician, A-Plus, real name Kwame Asare Obeng has release another new single .

In a phone conversation with Gattuso, host of Aben Wo Ha on Kasapa 102.5FM, A-Plus revealed that his new single dubbed ‘Ab3n B3 Bom’ was composed to caution some officials of the ruling National Democratic Congress for mismanaging state resources.

According to him, those (NDC) Government appointees will soon account for the work which was assigned to them.

When asked if he is a member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), he opined that “For me I support a Government which brings development. In 2007 I was against former President Kuffour because of so many things happened during his regime, but a Government which recklessly spends state funds on tree planting and rearing of guinea fowls only for the citizens to be told the trees are burnt and the guinea fowls nowhere to be found must be voted out of power.”

He added: “I can’t hide it since we Ghanaians pay taxes, we expect to see the country progress but that is not so for which reason this (NDC) government must go, I don’t like them.”

A-Plus first made a name for himself singing about events leading to and after Ghana’s 2000 general elections. He released his album, Freedom of Speech during the 2000 elections. The track ‘Mesuro Mpo Na Merekeka Yi O’ (literally meaning I am afraid of what I am saying but I will say it anyway) basically lambasted politicians.

His witty and fairly accurate narration of political issues made the song an instance hit.

Watch Video below

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