US election 2016: Trump and Sanders ‘to win’ New Hampshire

Billionaire Donald Trump is projected to win the New Hampshire primary in the Republican race for US presidential nominee, US media report.

Bernie Sanders is predicted to take the Democratic vote ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

New Hampshire is the second state to vote after Ted Cruz won last week’s Iowa caucuses for the Republicans and Mrs Clinton for the Democrats.

State officials have predicted a historically high turnout in the vote.

The primary is likely to give momentum to the winners heading on to the next contests in South Carolina and Nevada.

It will also help the Republican party decide which mainstream, establishment candidate it is likely to back to run for president in November later this year. It is unclear who has come second and third in the Republican race.

Mr Trump’s lead in New Hampshire is the first time the New York billionaire – who has never held elected office – has translated his widespread support in opinion polls into actual votes.

Mr Sander’s victory comes as no major surprise, as opinion polls predicted a big win for him over Mrs Clinton. However, it still too early to say how much of the vote he has taken in new Hampshire.

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