Trigmatic to become a pastor?

There are a number of secular musicians who announced their decision to quit and serve their maker after their respective encounters.

These musicians after proclaiming, either composed gospel songs or told the story of how they lived during their times in the ‘world’.

Perhaps, there is an awaiting convert.

Rapper, singer and radio personality, Trigmatic has indicated that he will respond should God call him to do His work.

“You never know. If the calling comes, I’m not gonna refuse it,” he said on Hitz FM’s Showbiz Filla.

Asked if he has drawn extremely closer to God now, Trigmatic answered in the affirmative adding that he has always been the reserved type who neither had a “freak” about drinking nor womanizing.

“Yeah… I have always been like this but maybe I keep growing in it. So for me, I have never really been away from God. The things that excites me even back then were not really extreme. I am just a regular guy,” he noted.

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