The Adventures of Norwaycious dropping on your screens soon

Junka Town fame, Norwaycious, has made it again with another sensational hilarious comedy, entitled, “Adventures of Norwaycious”.

The Adventures of Norwaycious is a hilarious comedy series which has Baron Norway of Junka Town fame as the main character. Full of Fanti lingui and Taadi vibes, Adventures of Norwaycious, is a television series that will be shown on major TV stations in the country. The series which is full of hilarious comedy scenes, youth life, and many more will keep you glued to your set when its finally  drops.

“After a long decade of hustle in the movie industry. God has finally Shined the light upon my hustle. the door has been opened for the ‪#‎Baron‬Norway# watch out for the Adventures of Norwaycious”, these were the exact words from Norway as he thanked the almighty God for bringing him to such a mantle.

Stay glued to your smart devices and keep your fingers crossed, especially on social medias such as facebook and youtube for downloads and trends. Anyway,, will be the first place to watch and download.

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