Takoradi’s funniest movie, “Junka Town” to be shown on Adom TV on the 6th July

Most Ghanaians have been thrilled recently with Takoradi’s funniest movie, JUNKA TOWN not long ago. The movie Junka Town has been rated as one of the funniest fanti movies ever in Ghana as far as the Ghanaian Movie industry is concerned.

Junka Town movie which has been viewed by almost any Ghanaian will be officially and for the first time shown on the TV to all fans. The movie which has funny actors like Too Much, Alaska, Yogot and others will be shown on ADOM TV ON WEDNESDAY, the 6th of JULY after the evening news to all fans.

Junka Town movie showcase the lifestyle of the people of Sekondi-Takoradi in the oilcity of Ghana in the Western Region. The fanti based movie has been packed with full Sekondi-Takoradi slangs which will keep you laughing on every scene of the movie. I can assure you that when the movie starts, you will not stop laughing till its ends.

The Junka Town movie is in four parts and hopefully, viewers will have the privilege to watch all the parts to enjoy an evening full of laughter. Executive Producer of the movie, Mr. Solomon Bosomtwi has indicated that, the movie’s continuation, which is, part 5 & 6 will be premiered soon to the general public and that fans should expect more humor as the drama unfolds.


So make a date on ADOM TV on the 6th of July, Wednesday, after the evening news to WATCH JUNKA TOWN PART 1 – 4 and release some stress. We have seen a lot of fanti movies such as “KANANA, SIKA SUMSUM” etc… but JUNKA TOWN IS A MUST WATCH MOVIE, IT IS UNSTOPPABLY VERY FUNNY, HAHAHAHA…..


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