Taking Naked Pictures Of Your Self Is A Crime – Lawyer Maurice Ampah

Maverick Lawyer Dr. Maurice Ampaw has revealed that it is against the law of Ghana to take nude pictures and videos of your self with your phone or any other device, because is an indecent act, and must not be encouraged.

According to the stunt lawyer, nude pictures and videos infringe the privacy of people. He continued that if the law of the land is applied, anything posted on social media has a wider publication, and comes along with a lot of implications. He disclosed these statements in an interview on The Red Carpet Entertainment Show hosted by Prince Tsegah.

Lawyer Ampaw further continued that anybody having nude pictures and videos of one self is a criminal, which can call for an arrest from the Police with a charge of corrupting the minds of possible viewers. He Said, “The moment you go naked intentionally, there is a possibility of the video being leaked to the public.”

When he was asked by the host if Rashida unintentional nude videos was a crime, he was optimistic about it and later fired back that” she had no business in taking that video or going naked. He was very disappointed in the Ghana Police for not getting people involved in such act arrested to the law court.

He later advised the youth of today to be very careful and stop the sexual nudity which has become rampant in recent times or to face the court of law.

Writer: Koo Phante Drkay / Oilcitytoday/Ghana

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