STATEMENT: BoG Governor Confirms Britain’s Cocaine Fugitive Is His Son-In-Law

Governor of Ghana’s Central Bank, Dr Henry Kofi Wampah, has put paid to speculations that Britain’s Most Wanted Fugitive is married to his (Wampah’s) daughter.

Last Friday, the UK Gov’t confirmed the arrest of David McDermott, a notorious fugitive who has been on the run for about three years.

David McDermott of Ormskirk, West Lancashire, was being hunted by the National Crime Agency and was finally arrested in an international sting operation.


He was busted at his home in the opulent Burma Hills in Accra.

Media reports, especially the UK’s “Mirror”, claimed the drug dealer is married to Ramona Wampah.

A “shocked” Dr Wampah, in a statement issued Sunday and copied to, confirmed Ramona is his step-daughter, but said he was unaware his son-in-law was a drug baron.

Read his statement below….


I have received news about the arrest of David McDermott, who is married to my step daughter, Ramona, with shock.

David has been known to me as a worker in the mining sector and has been living in the country with Ramona since their marriage some three years ago.

Until I received information about his arrest, I had absolutely no knowledge about David being a fugitive of the British government.

Issued by:

Henry A. K. Wampah
Governor, Bank of Ghana
March 13, 2016

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