‘Social media threatens productivity at workplace’ – Mr Noble Prince-Joseph Ayiku

The Managing Director of Lakeside Estate Company Limited, Mr Noble Prince-Joseph Ayiku, has called for a critical look to be taken at the effect of social media on productivity at the workplace.

Addressing staff of the company at the end-of-year event organised by the management of Lakeside to reward hardworking staff for their selfless dedication to the development of the company, Mr Ayiku said the use of social media, coupled with the pressure at workplaces made it difficult for Ghanaian workers to stay focused on their everyday work.

He noted that a large proportion of productive hours were spent on social media network every day, costing economies and companies huge sums of money.

Workers and productivity

Speaking on the theme, “Achieving Productivity Through Total Commitment,” the managing director said there was the need for workers, whether in public or private sectors, to devote their time and energy to increasing productivity for better returns.

“Individually and collectively, we need to take a stand and resolve to be outstanding in order to be productive, and we can do this by maintaining the highest standards in our various fields of work,” he said.

Mr Ayiku also said if workers do not exhibit positive attitudes towards their work, it would be impossible for business entities, state organisations or the country to develop.

He commended the workers for their hard work and contribution to the development of the company.

Highlighting some of the company’s achievements this year, Mr Ayiku said the High Court (Land Division) declared Agri-Cattle Lakeside Estate as the legal owners of land measuring 2,911.53 acres situated at Katamanso and being part of the Nungua Stool Land which was contested by the Nuumo Nmashie Family and Ashiyie Family of Teshie and La.

He also said the year was difficult for the business community and those in the real estate industry due to the severe energy crisis, depreciation of the cedi, rising inflation and interest rates, and the prevailing low international oil prices.

Lasting solution
Mr Ayiku urged the government to find a lasting solution to the energy crisis in the country.

The Director of Lakeside Estate, Mr Salah Kalmoni, also advised workers to plan well towards their future, especially retirement, adding that ”planning your retirement is crucial so please do well to have a better life tomorrow,”.

He urged all the workers to do their best in the upcoming year so that they would also be rewarded.

“We should all strive to acquire new knowledge and skills to be updated of the new trends in real estate to increase productivity in the coming year,” he said.

Ms Gladys Adu-Brown was adjudged the best worker of the year, while Mr Abubakar Yakubu emerged as best security guard for the year.

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