Shocking: Sarkodie replies M.anfiest with an emotional letter

It seems the fuse between Sarkodie and M.anifest is not going to end anytime soon as yours truly has intercepted a letter written by sarkodie in reply to M.anifest letter to him.
Read and give your comments.
Dear M.anifest
Well my guy, at least am glad you actually acknowledge me as the best artiste in the Ghanaian music industry but at the same time it saddens me to see how shallow minded you are. Tell me, who is an artiste? An artiste should be an all rounder right? So what’s your beef with me rapping to an azonto beat. It actually shows how versatile I am isn’t it?
Even when I rapped on an azonto beat I did it with style and eloquence, in fact am begging to think that’s your nemesis that’s why you refuse to rap on one. If you think I can’t rap on an afrofuse beat or funk for that matter kindly check out my Mary album. That’s enough proof that I can do what you do and still do it better. I did the Mary album (a one time afrofuse rap) and it swept me awards, compare that to your numerous years of doing such raps and show me how many trophy’s and awards u have to show for it.
Talk with facts and stats bro. By the way collaborating with other artiste like efya and muggez only goes to show good sportsmanship and humbleness as an artiste which I believe is a big problem for you. It simply shows I have the heart to appreciate other artiste apart from myself and foster a sense of unity. Not as proud as you, I learn from other artiste and also learn from my mistakes.
Moreover rap is a form of poetry which is an art, whats the use of poetry when it is recited without emotions? Finally you need to learn to pay attention when you listen to songs. Be a good student and go back to listen to ‘bossy’ and see if I actually dissed EL. 
Perhaps the use of your so called perfected English flow has made you loose a deeper sense of comprehension to your own dialect.I can’t believe yet you say you are putting Ghana on the map. Putting on African print alone doesn’t show a sense of Afrocentrism. There is more to it than meets the eye. Leme leave you with this. Ponder over them and redefine your self as a rapper and an artiste,its a free advise .A word to a wise……

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