Opanin Kwabena Antwi Sarpong a final year student advocate on UDS-Wa Campus has pulled out of an SRC excellence awards where he had been nominated in three categories.

He was nominated for best Blogger/Advocate, Male Radio Personality as well as his organization BLACK HERITAGE for the Best Humanitarian Group.

This has come as a surprise to many students on campus but accordimg to opanin,the decision was arrived at after  the organizing body headed by the Entercom Chair Mustapha Gausu threatened to even beat him up simply because he has been vociferous on issues regarding SRC budget.

The background to this issue is,as a result of a whatApp “War” that ensued between a group of student activist and some SRC executives when they were questioned on a page (insideudsChatRoom) about the SRC budget and achievement so far on the 3/14/2016

In that horrid verbal attacks; these were some of the sordid comments that came out from some executives spearheaded by the Entercom Chair,with command from the Vice president and moral support from the EC chair.

Entertainment Chair: “All of u speaking from Hammond(opanin), Portia and the rest Tell me which position have u contested for and have won.U can make noise like dogs”

?SRC VEEP Faris also had this to say”Staph kindly deal with those uncivilized dogs who by accident found themselves here with little or no regard for personal respect.Posh has been cooperative and I want us to arrive at a point.Posh pls let’s continue our discussion. Thanks.

?The entercom chair comes in again” U can make noise like dogs” If Mahama was to respond to every fool who talks to ppl even before brushing his teeth then I guess he will be answering questions all in his term of office.Kwasia sem akwakwa”

?Then EC Chairman Glondy also adds his voice,,“Whatsapp warriors,see me for your certificate after BA term of office”

“Sordid as it may be,If such characters are to go ahead and organize an award,it will therefore be difficult for me to be a part” opanin told our reporter.

In a letter to the Entercom chair,opanin,who also serves as the CEO of BLACK HERITAGE clearly stated his reasons for stepping out.We chanced upon this letter and it said

Dear Entercom,

I write to officially decline participation in the ongoing SRC week awards as organized by your  office. Many among the reasons to step down has to do with the fact that:

I cant be part of an award scheme organized by people who call us dogs because we demanded for accountability and clarity on issues regarding SRC.

More over,i cannot walk to a stage set up with 1200 cedis to receive an award with a total event cost of ¢29,585.00 whereas my younger brothers and sisters have to trek on foot dialy because buses are not work and the bane being that there isn’t enough funds to get the buses moving among many others.

Candidly,i can’t be awarded by people who have lost respect for me already and have threaten to even beat me up.

Simple as these reasons may be,as a leader of a huge fellowship it will be hypocritical to be a part of such a scheme.

Sorry for any  mishaps caused if any. I wish you and your team the best of luck.

The way certainly remains forward to the top

Sincerely yours

Opanin.Kwabena Antwi Sarpong Hammond

With this letter,I will like to ask this question” do you think opanin is right in pulling out of a 29,585.00 cedi awards night?”Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Written by: caleb_ UDS Level

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