Shatta Wale fires hard at critics over new year’s Camry car gift

If we make a list of uncultured celebrities in Ghana, Shatta Wale would certainly be on top of the list.

Although he’s been able to chalk great success in his music career he has no manners and it’s something that’s very worrying for an artiste of his caliber.

Shatta Wale rewarded his most loyal fans some few days ago and the ultimate winner Sekley Moses won a Toyota Camry, one of Shatta’s cars.

But then some rumours have spread out that Shatta Wale sold the car to the winner at a discounted price and that it was not given to him FREE. Others too have posited that, the whole award show was a ‘friends and family’ thing and not a true fans awards show.

It appears those rumours making rounds have angered Shatta Wale and in a distasteful post he made on Facebook, he’s described such people with unprintable adjectives.

Someone should just advise Shatta that, it’s not everything that you have to respond to. So far as the winner has not come out to make any revelation, there’s no need to react and especially in this bizarre and ridiculous manner.

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