Sachet water to be sold at Ghp30 from February 1

The Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers has announced a new price for sachet water which takes effect from February 1, 2016.

A sachet of water which used to sell at 20 pesewas will now sell at 30 pesewas while a bag of sachet water which used to sell at GH¢3 will now sell at GH¢5.

The President of the association, Mr Magnus Nunoo announced this at a press conference in Accra Tuesday.

According to him, the increment was due to the hike in utility tariffs as well as the increase in fuel prices.

Meanwhile, the association has called on the Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC) to take a second look at the tariff imposed on its members as against that of the breweries and other water users in the country.

“There are other factors that went into these new price changes and we are calling on the PURC to heed to our call to streamline markets but if they do not, then unfortunately we wouldn’t have any choice than to go up. As to what, we wouldn’t know. Let’s see how the figures play out”, Mr Nunoo said.

Currently, members of the Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers are paying GH¢50.76 per cubic metre of water as against GH¢10.07 for the breweries.

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