President Akufo Addo touching words to his wife Rebecca for the newly-constructed Baby Unit at KATH

President Akufo Addo has praised his wife the First Lady Rebecca Akufo – Addo for leading a successful process to construct a new mother and baby unit at the Lomo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi.

The newly-constructed facility commissioned on (January 19, 2018) by Mrs Akufo-Addo has room for 130 babies, eleven children and enough facilities to accommodate 12 simultaneous births.

She took a keen interest in the project after a Joy FM documentary revealed that hundreds of babies and mothers died each year at the unit because of lack of space, facilities and deplorable conditions at the KATH.

To reduce the number of deaths, she organised a fundraising exercise to help construct the new facility at the hospital.

“This facility, we are commissioning today, is a world-class one, more importantly for me is the fact that it’s the only green hospital in Africa certified by IFC and the World Bank. I emphasise this point because I believe that Ghana needs to go green in its construction of public facilities. This will save us money over the long term and help preserve our environment,” Mrs Akufo-Addo said in an address at the commissioning of the facility.

The president a few hours later took to Facebook to express his pride: “I am extremely proud of my beloved Rebecca. Today’s commissioning of the Mother and Baby Unit at KATH is a welcome development, which will help reduce, drastically, the mortality rate of mothers and babies at the hospital. Kudos!! #SaveAChildSaveAMother.”

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