Photos: 59th Independence anniversary brochure riddled with errors

Call it typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, whichever way, Ghana became a laughing stock in the eyes of the world, after series of blunders were spotted in the interpretive brochures used for the 59th Independence Day Anniversary on Sunday.

Reading through the content carefully, words such as Coat of Arms was spelt Coat of Arm.

As if that was not enough, the description that followed leaves much to be desired. The author of the brochure embarrassingly struggled to string words together to make sense, lots of the information in there were ambiguous and deceptive.

Below are some screen shots of the texts which were riddled with errors

The myriad discrepancies identified in the brochure ended up confusing the audience rather than serving its purpose of informing them. Some were utterly amazed wondering if the shoddy piece of work was paid for.

The development, however, attracted a storm of criticism from a section of the public, as some took to social media to vent their spleen.

Read below reactions to this blunder on social media
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A parade of school children, workers, voluntary organisations and security services on Sunday converged at the Black Star Square in Accra to commemorate the 59th Independence Day anniversary.
The celebration was also observed throughout the country.

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